The Rutgers-NSF REU in Cellular Bioengineering

Rutgers is the home to a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site on Cellular Bioengineering — From Biomaterials to Stem Cells. This program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation and was established as a pipeline activity of an IGERT training program in the Integrated Science and Engineering of Stem Cells under which it ran from 2003-2009. The REU program serves a diverse population of students to whom cutting-edge research experiences are not typically available and thus broadens the pipeline to graduate school for a wide range of students. The current program is led by Professors David Shreiber (PI) and Charles Roth (co-PI) and has operated as an REU since 2010, successfully providing research opportunities and professional development to seven cohorts totaling 68 students. With an intellectual focus in Cellular Bioengineering, this program provides research opportunities that articulate with a range of cutting-edge, multidisciplinary areas, including stem cell engineering, systems and computational biology, cell-active biomaterials, and micro/nanoscale biosystems. The research experience is complemented by weekly exercises aimed at professional development. Currently, the program has a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, and shepherds the students through the process of creating a business plan centered around the research projects.

  Latest News




REU sends 8 to BMES October 12, 2017 - The Cellular Bioengineering REU sponsored posters from 8 of the 2017 participants - Kaylie Sheehan, Carolin Leynes, Eric Dubofsky, Vincent Cali, Victor Suarez, Rose Waren, Amanda Solbach, and Audrey Lee - at the annual BMES meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

REU well represented at BMES October 7, 2016 - The Cellular Bioengineering REU sponsored posters from three of the 2016 participants - Emily DiMartini, Alex Magsam, and Caroline Wood - at the annual BMES meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

SUPER-Grad Fellowship Program Receives Major Funding Award from Chancellor's Office

September 15, 2016 - Chancellor Edwards' office has awarded a grant of $588,812 to expand the Summer Undergraduate Pathway to Excellence at Rutgers Graduate Fellowship Program (SUPER-Grad).The SUPER-Grad program provides fellowships for alumni of summer resaerch programs who attend Rutgers for their doctoral studies. Dr. David Shreiber and Dr. Evelyn Erenrich are the PI's of the grant.

Cellular Bioengineering REU renewed by the NSF
September 9 ,2016 - The REU Site in Cellular Bioengineering was renewed for another 3 years with a grant of $412,491 from the NSF.

Rutgers welcomes 7 scholars for 2016 REU
May 30, 2016 - Seven undergraduates were welcomed to Rutgers for the 2016 REU program. The students hailed from schools big and small, and from as far as Nebraksa and Puerto Rico.

Record number of REU students present at 2015 BMES

October 8, 2015 - Seven scholars from the summer 2015 cohort traveled to Tampa, FL to present their research: Marleny Arones, Rebecca Drake, Josh Leipheimer, Adrianna Lebron-Garcia, Robert Mines, Ilse Valencia, and Jorge Zhingre-Sanchez.

New Scholars Welcomed

May 29, 2015 - A new cohort of 10 students from across the country was welcomed into the REU in Cellular Bioengineering.

Dr. Shreiber speaks about Boot Camp at BMES
October 23, 2014 - Dr. Shreiber gave a presentation entitled "Boot camp training in cellular bioengineering to accelerate research immersion for REU participants" at the 2014 BMES meeting in San Antonio.




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